Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Self Recs Fest: 'I Remember You Not Fondly'

Title: I Remember You Not Fondly
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Methos/OFC/LaCroix, R for violence and non-con.
Crossover: Forever Knight, set in the Star Trek future, but no Star Trek characters.
Why this must be read: I've been sticking to short stories till now, but this is one of the long ones. For years, I was fascinated with the idea of the Mirror Universe in Star Trek and what the alternates of our Immies would be like, and in 2007, I finally wrote it. This is a story that was very difficult to write, it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone when it came to the subject matter. In the end, I was very proud of the finished product, even if MirrorMethos totally freaked me out. It was also the first time I'd written Kronos - albeit the Mirror Universe version - but I think it works. It's one of those stories I reread and can't quite believe I wrote it.
Tags: fic: highlander, self recs fest

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