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Shattered (0/7)

Notes & Disclaimers for Shattered:

This was originally a much longer story, which just kept growing. To make it more manageable, a sequel(s) will be posted that takes place directly after the end of this story. Since I'm flaky that way, I'm going with calling it a 'cycle' as opposed to a 'trilogy', seeing as the third part of my other trilogy languishes on my hard drive :)

This is an attempt to fill in some more blank spaces. Over the years, we’ve made allusions to what happened when Divia came back in 'Ashes to Ashes', but never really said what that was. I finally figured it was time. And also, to finally explain Methos’ aversion to vampires. Finally taking care of that too.

This takes place a year after "Misguided Angel". The incident mentioned with Hakeem takes place in "Sands of Eternity". But it's not necessary to read either story to read this one.

Thanks to Tammy and April for beta duty!

Other stories in the series can be found on my archive, "Tales From the Darkwood". There's a series overview I wrote for LJ here.

All Highlander (Methos) & Forever Knight (LaCroix, Nick, Janette, Divia, Vachon) characters belong to their respective PTBs. All original characters belong to their creators, myself amongst them.

And last, but most certainly not least: Thanks for reading!

I'd give this a rating of PG13

On to Part One

Tags: divia, fic, fic: forever knight, fic: highlander, fic: xover/au, lacroix, methos, nick knight, series: 'bloodties', triona macalpine, vachon

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