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Early Autumn Round-Up

Can't believe it's October already! September seemed to come and go in a blink. robi_travels is coming to visit, we're meeting up with her in SLC Tuesday night. We haven't seen her since the PWFC thing in San Antonio, a year ago last spring, so it will be great to see her again. And I need the break - work was absolutely wretched Thurs/Fri. One of those days when you realize you should update your resume.

On the writing front, I'm working on expanding on Tony's Aunt Peggy, who was mentioned in the last part of Transformative Variations. I l loved the character of Peggy Carter from Captain America, and she sort of slipped in there. So this one is set in the 1950s, when Peggy visits Charlotte in South Carolina; so far, they've drunk a lot of tea. I was really close to throwing in the towel on these stories entirely, but jinxed_wood talked me back over a series of emails. Not all stories are winners, so I'll give it another shot and try and make this next one better.

New TV, we actually watched last week's SPN on the same night! However, we didn't watch last night's - we're TV slackers. I'm kinda ambivalent so far, but will keep watching,. We've been rewatching S1 & 2 of Gilmore Girls, and have to say DeanSam is pretty amusing. Hawaii 5-0 continues to be filled with crackie goodness, and was jazzed to see Terry O'Quinn, Castle's been good, and new Amazing Race, along with HIMYM and Cobie's 'Avengers' haircut. Blue Bloods started up again last night, was good, and Private Practice, which I thought I'd given up on last season, I found myself watching last night's season premiere. Hmm. I think the show I'm enjoying back the most is Big Bang Theory. It makes me laugh, and considering the suckyness of RL lately, that's a good thing. Our other fave this fall is Downton Abbey, absolutely loving it. Nin's obsessed with The Great British Bake Off - no idea how she'll cope when it ends next week! Which reminds me - she wants me to bake Iced Fingers. Maybe tomorrow.

Need to head off to WalMart now and pick up a few things for the week. Will make bruschetta, with what will probably be the last of the garden tomatoes, when I get home for dinner. It's been near 100 this week, but a stormy cold front is moving in, so temps will be dropping around 20 degrees this week.
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