Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone for their comforting words after Gambit died, they meant so much. But if I try and respond to each one, I'll start crying again and never stop. It's been a pretty terrible week, I'll be going along and then it'll hit me suddenly and I'll start crying again. It was good having bosses that are animal lovers, they totally understood. Now, some of the techs are animal haters, but as far as my bosses and my admin staff, I was surrounded by people who understood and mourned with me. Boss 1's wife even came in Friday so she could offer her condolences, then we both ended up in tears. Gambit's brothers, Tanner and Standish, have been spending a lot more time in my room with me, and his other brother, Kinky, always is in my room, but he wants more snuggles than usual. And as if to prove we have a neon sign that only cats can see, a stray showed up in my yard yesterday, drank and drank from the fountain, and when I looked out at dawn, was still under the tree outside my door. I haven't seen a stray around here for nearly a year, and then one appears.

[HUGS] to you and your furry friends.
Tags: furballs, shadows

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