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Sunday Afternoon

Nin says I feel warm, which would probably explain the alternating chills/feeling too hot thing I have going. Though I feel better than I did yesterday. Or I thought I did. I may be rethinking that right about now. I need a visit from Dr. Adams [g]

Dear child ninjababe is, she put more of my CDs into iTunes for me, so I have a huge mix to listen to now! Still need to colour my hair before the day ends, and straighten the apartment, and make a shopping list so we can eat dinner.

Did read some lovely fic today! [waves to em_kellesvig] As for writing fic, I seem to have so many stories banging around in my brain, I can't figure out what I want to write. And I'm too muzzy to sort it out. Oh, I watched Money No Object last night. I'd forgotten just how cute Nicholas Lea was -- I hated Krycek so that image had overridden the cute delightfulness of Cory Raines. What was I talking about? Like I said, I'm muzzy! Oh well, wasn't that important....

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