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I had the bright idea yesterday of shifting some offices around to improve work-flow, and my two bosses said, let's do it! Tomorrow! So me, boss one, sales guy, and the tech office all moved. That was going to be work enough, but boss two convinced me to paint my new office first. So she and I painted. That took us to about lunch time, then I still had to get all the furniture in, get my computer set up, etc.. I'm exhausted, and I hurt. My bad hip did not appreciate today's exertions one bit. Came home and promptly fell asleep. Oh, the colours I used were a teal blue peacock on two walls, and a sea foam blue/green on one wall. We left the cinder block wall white since the desk was up against it and the corkboards were bolted in. It looks really nice, even if it's not the neatest pain job ever [g]
Tags: it's the job

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