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Still Alive

I seem to be in a creative slump, which seems to extend to even writing LJ posts. Not that it's anything new, but work is stressing me out, seems more so lately, and that seems to dampen any desire to write/interact.

We finally watched Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows I over the last few weeks. I thought HBP was a wretched movie, which sucked since it was one of my favourites of the novels. DH was a much better movie and am looking forward to II. We also watched The Tourist last night. We just took our first foray into renting from Red Box, since I only just discovered you can reserve movies, and wanted to test out the process. I had managed to remain unspoiled for Tourist, and I figured out 'the twist' if you want to call it that. We enjoyed the movie, and it was certainly very pretty to watch, with a great cast. Then we watched Night At The Museum, which we'd never seen, and it was really fun and cute.

Picked the first apricots, and jam will be made today. I'm surprised there's so many ripe already considering the cooler weather/late spring this year. Speaking of, supposedly, we're going to break cold records today. They were forecasting snow at 8000 feet. I have to say, I'm, loving the unusual cold weather. I'll take 80s over 100s any day!

Really need to get some housework done as we were away last weekend.

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