Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I'm a Terrible Boss

I hang out after work now and then with one of my assistants, and a few months back, asked her to come with me and Nin shopping, but she didn't show; later, she said she wished she'd come. Tonight, Nin and I were going to Coldwater Creek since they're having the 50% off everything sale (including stuff already marked down), so I could supplement my summer work wardrobe, and I had a gift card to use. I'm all about maximizing the sale! So I told T we were going, and she wanted to come this time. Now, I love shopping for other people maybe more than I like shopping for me! I was stoked. We got to the store, and I started pulling tops off the racks for her to try, and offering my opinion on colour choices/shapes. Usually T wears men's t-shirts, so I was getting her to try things she wouldn't normally. In the end, she got three new tops, one of them being one of my choices, and wants to go back this weekend after we get paid tomorrow for a few more things. She had fun, I had fun, and she can't wait to wear her new clothes to work. Cheered me up immensely!
Tags: virtual shopping
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