Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Ficcy Thoughts

First off, I posted the latest part of TV over the weekend, in case you missed it, which brings me to secondly. It's way longer than I'd initially anticipated, and seems to be getting longer. I know my initial intention was to have this go all the way through the second movie, but as it grows and grows, with Amanda inserting herself to boot.... strangevisitor7 suggested I end it when Tony finds out Charlotte and Ezra are Immortal, which, as I'm thinking more about it it, appeals to me. Then I could pick it up at the start of IM II in a third story. And as trying to figure out what happens between the immortal reveal and what I saw as the next section, I think it works much better. Also means instead of looking at TV as never ending, I can now look at it as almost finished, which makes me more optimistic overall. Then I can work on something else in between, which will refresh the batteries (I hope!) I'm also thinking that Captain America is going to give me plot bunnies of Ezra, Charlotte, and Nick Fury in WWII kind, so I need to clear my schedule [g]
Tags: fic rambles

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