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Fandom Notes

This just tweeted: Rick_Howland Rick Howland
"And we're back..." Excited to start shooting @lostgirlseries with @Anna_Silk @ZoiePalmer @kccollinsworld @khrkicks! Thanks @showcasedotca!
Yay! I was beginning to wonder if it were coming back!

And for the Thor fans, the Los Angeles Times has been posting video excerpts. DAYS OF THUNDER: We’ve been counting down to the release of “Thor” with a month of on-the-set reports, exclusive photos and interviews with the cast and crew of the first truly cosmic Marvel Studios film. Today: More from our onstage interview with the director and star.

“Thor” director Kenneth Branagh and star Chris Hemsworth came to the free Hero Complex/IMAX screening of the film Wednesday night. We posted some video excerpts Friday and another batch Saturday from the onstage Q&A with our Geoff Boucher. Here’s another snippet.
They've been very interesting to watch.
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