Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Tony Stark In the Old West

Some of you may remember I wrote a teensy bit of Tony in the OW a few years back -- it was called Beyond the Pale. Well, it never got past a snippet, and then, a few months ago, strangevisitor7 had an idea for the same sort of fic, and since she had the potential to, you know, actually finish it, I ditched mine. She's started posting, so you can go read Left Turn At Albuquerque here. It's a terrific story, and I can't wait till it's finished, because the scenes I've been waiting for are just around the corner. Of course, now I've had to do a little bit of retconning of the stories set modern day, and come to find that a lot of it works with this new past, just takes on a different meaning. Like Ezra trying to set Tony and Charlotte up - the why is different, but it still happens. It's also reshaped Transformative Variations a bit, since I had to avoid Ezra POV scenes in case he might think spoilerish thoughts! Now, he's free to remember again [g] I've been dropping little hints through the last few chapters, so hopefully, I was subtle enough.
Tags: fic rambles, fic recs

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