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29 April 2011 @ 01:33 pm
A Bit of the Wedding  

Since it was a work day, there was no way I could watch the wedding live, so I recorded it. I did watch a clip of the vows before I went to work though.  Thought the dress was absolutely lovely and the happy couple seemed to be very much in love.

I was 18 when Charles & Diana were married and the friend I was spending the summer with and I got up at 3am to watch.  I feel old now.  :)

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pat: h50 headachepat_t on April 30th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
Ditto. I really loved watching Diana and Charles' wedding, but not as excited about this one. I did catch much of it on tv while at work. She looked stunning and I hope they have a happier marriage than William's parents.
I will call her George: Hawaii 50 -  Danostrangevisitor7 on May 1st, 2011 12:22 am (UTC)
She did look beautiful but Di looked more like a fairy tale. I think they really are in love unlike the arranged situation with Charles and Di