Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Preview of Transformative Variations Part X

This is my fic version of the 'next week on....' previews at the end of TV shows. I have been writing, nearly two thousand words, and here's a preview of what's to come:

But Ezra didn't appear to be listening. "I always thought you were the sort of man who could close the deal, but instead, I'm now, thanks to you, consigned to a lifetime of family gatherings with Matthew!" He glared at his best friend. "Seven years I've waited for the two of you to get together, and that's the best you can do?"

Tony was momentarily confused at the one eighty the conversation had taken, before he realized that Ez was ticked off at him for entirely the opposite reason than he'd at first assumed. "If you'd only told me it was all about you, I would have tried harder," he said dryly.

Now, to finish! And I did!
Tags: random fic stuff

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