Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

New Camelot Comm

I've created a community for Camelot and related King Arthur discussion, fic, art.

On LJ: isleofglass

On Dreamwidth: [community profile] ynis_witrin

Two different names, but the same LOL. I checked to make sure Ynis Witrin was available on LJ, and it was, but when I hit the create button, it turned out it was a deleted/purged name and you had to pay the $15 rename fee. So I used the English 'Isle of Glass' instead. I'd already created the one on Dreamwidth though [shrug] Many many years ago, the first job I had that had a computer, my password was Ynis Witrin.

The LJ comm has a boring default theme. Was surprised that LJ still only has the same old themes available. If anyone knows of a resource for LJ themes, could you point me there? Thanks. The DW one is a standard one, but I think it's quite pretty and goes with the comm.
Tags: lj stuff

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