Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


So help me out, fic of mine readers (or FOMR for short [g]) My brain has been leaping all over the place, mentally writing snippets from all over the Aces Immortal/Echoes the Sea series, both my stories and Casey's. Problem is, I can't seem to get my muse to just settle - instead, I'm feeling all scattered. So here's where you come in: is there some incident/event referenced in our stories that you'd like expanded upon, even if it's just a ficlet? (Other than Bali or Ezra's second death by bull. Some things are best left to the imagination!) Maybe some direction will help me actually get writing again. I've just been feeling kinda bleah, and I think accomplishing something creatively might perk me up.
Tags: fic rambles
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