Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Hot Guys Smackdown! Round VI

Okay, I guess I fired another dud in my attempt to add humour to the elimination announcement, so I'll get straight to it this time. I swear I won't try and be funny anymore. Honest! (But seriously, I thought people would enjoy it.)

Results: Sendhil failed to meet the requirements for the speed bump, so he's gone.

Them that's left are below.

Peter Wingfield

Isaiah Mustafa

Jason Mamoa (Wild Card Entrant)

Robert Downey Jr

Johnny Depp

Matt Bomer

Poll #1681889 Round VI

Pick the one you want gone.

Peter Wingfield
Isaiah Mustafa
Jason Mamoa
Robert Downey Jr.
Johnny Depp
Matt Bomer

Tags: fangirl moments, sheep post, silly stuff

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