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Hot Guys Smackdown! Round V

Going to telecast this a little earlier today since we're being preempted by a croquet tourney this evening.

Tonight, we're joined by a very special guest, Phil Keoghan.

Welcome, Phil!

Phil, with emo face,
announces the sad news to Sendhil. "Sendhil, I'm sorry to tell you that you are the first man to arrive."

Sendhil is stricken, he looks faint. Can he hold it together?

Phil continues, "Sendhil, I must now tell you... this is a non-elimination round!"

Sendhil jumps up and down, ecstatic at his reprieve. "Just for you, Phil, I'll get a new photo!"

"Glad to hear it, Sendhil. However, you will have to complete a speed bump in order to make it through this next round."

"Anything, Phil! Just give me another chance!"

Phil explains the speed bump, "To remain in the next round, you can't place higher than fourth, so if you are one of the top three vote getters, you will be eliminated from the race."

Sendhil nods his understanding and goes to join the other teams, waiting for the start of round five.

And now, on to the competition! (in reverse alphabetical order this time, just for a little change.)

Peter Wingfield

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Isaiah Mustafa

Jason Mamoa (Wild Card Entrant)

Robert Downey Jr

Johnny Depp

Matt Bomer

(Special thanks to pat_t and agilebrit for letting me raid their Peter and Robert scrapbooks respectively for the new photos today.)

Poll #1681251 It's a Speed Bump Round!

Who Will Be Eliiminated From the Race?

Peter Wingfield
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Isaiah Mustafa
Jason Mamoa
Robert Downey Jr.
Johnny Depp
Matt Bomer

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