Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Snowy Greetings

More snow, even in St George, which pretty much never happens, usually only in the surrounding areas. It's supposed to be like this through the day/evening. Got up at 5am, took an hour to get to work, no idea what it's going to be like at quitting time. Tomorrow morning should be lots of fun since I'm thinking there will be ice as we do the turning to rain/melting/freezing thing.

Yesterday, we watched a show called Three Men in Scotland. They sailed around some of the islands, and the scenery was gorgeous! I'd been to some of the places they visited, and others I've wanted to visit. All in all, made me want to visit Scotland again. Once of these years.

I'd hoped to write some yesterday, but never got around to it. Fic featuring Methos and Nick Fury, a few days after String of Pearls. They're chatting up a storm in my brain.

In other fic related stuff, I hope to put up some of my Bloodties fic over on AO3 this year. We'll see how far I actually get.

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Tags: now about me, random fic stuff, rural life

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