Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

2010 Fic Recap

My greatest accomplishment was finally finishing I Am Going To the West. And not only did I finish it, but I was very pleased with the story overall. I think I did good [g]

In January, I wrote a ficlet called The Pattern, wherein our Immies celebrate the coming of rain.

March brought Treasure, another ficlet, this time featuring Captain Jack Sparrow. I also wrote Paving the Road To Hell to try and explain why Charlotte never told Methos about Tony.

April brought Nick Fury into my life, and he got his own story, Do You Remember?. I really liked this one.

In June, I finally started the sequel to Practical Applications, Transformative Variations. I'm six parts into this one, and my goal is to get it finished in 2011. Seeing Iron Man II of course changed some of what I had envisioned, but it's all good.

October is the season for Halloween fic, and I wrote Threads - Methos and costumes!

December brought me dipping my toes into Lost Girl fic, and I wrote an untitled snippet featuring Methos and Trick. I'm hoping to expand upon it in 2011. And last up (unless I writing something today!) was my Xmas fic, String of Pearls, with Nick Fury once again making an appearance (think Pirate Santa!).

Overall, the majority of what I wrote was finishing West, and starting Transformative Variations. I can't seem to write a mid-length story. It's all ficlets and epics.

Thank you to everyone who read and left me a comment. It means so much, and I appreciate you, each and everyone.
Tags: fic, fiction: yearly recap

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