Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

On The Bright Side

Still feeling completely miserable, but I'm told my gravy last night rocked - even if I really wasn't feeling like eating anything. Will try and eat a bit tonight, and at least have some plum pudding. Plus, I bought crackers we didn't get to last night either. Nin's obsessed by the SIMS expansion my brother got her, so we haven't watched our usual roster of Xmas movies yet - maybe one tonight.

Other bright side things: I've written 1000 words of Nick Fury Xmas fic! Of course, the mood struck about an hour before it was time to take the turkey out last night, but the mood is still with me and I've been working on it this afternoon. Might even finish it! Ooooo, ahhhhh [g]

Supposed to snow here on Thursday! Not much, but I like to see it fall.

Okay, scones out of oven. Time to eat, then maybe finish fic.
Tags: now about me, random fic stuff

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