Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Flooding Update

I'll start this post by saying we're on high ground, and we're situated at the top of a plateau with the river below in the canyon, so we're fine and safe.

It's getting pretty bad. The river is flooding in the town down from us, Toquerville, and Zion Natl Park was closed due to flooding yesterday. There's a damn above Rockville they think might give way, so they're evacuating, and have heard they may start evacuating parts of Springdale. Where we are is centered between Zion/Springdale/Rockville, Toquerville, and Hurricane, sort if like a center of a wheel with the other towns being at the end of the spokes. We can leave town either through Toquerville up to the interstate, or go through Hurricane to St. George. The Toquerville route is shut down currently due to the flooding. I have the flu, so I went to work around noon, and there's one fairly low bridge as you climb up out of Hurricane. The water was pretty high, and once I got to work was when the warnings started coming about the damn breaking. Now whether it will affect that bridge if the damn were to break, or if the river continues to climb - which it will - I don't know, but I really didn't want to be stuck on the wrong side of the river and since I can work from home and I feel like crap, I decided to collect a pile of contracts and payroll stuff and come back home. I did the being cutoff from everywhere thing twice in Monterey due to flood, so decided not to chance it. I didn't really want to camp out under my desk for the rest of the week!
Tags: rural life

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