Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Thematic Naming

So I did a whole Scottish Islands naming thing on previous feline acquisitions (Islay, Skye, Lewis, Iona, and went for Ebony, Topaz, Jade and Gem for another set (my brother says it sounds like a brothel), plus just random names. The last batch of kittens, not all have names yet. The two girls are Chastity and Prudence. Yes, I'll explain - Chastity was being called 'the little crotch biter' because she did! OW! She got me several times and it was very painful. So as a joke, we started calling her 'Chastity', and it stuck, so other little girl became Prudence. So now, we have the four boys, so we're trying to decide if we should stick with Pilgrim names, or something else. One little boy we call 'Mr Kinky' since he has a kink in his tail. Glenn thought we should call them Ezra, Vin, Larabee, and Buck. Mr Kinky would have to be Buck, you know. Or maybe Nin can name them after single malts...
Tags: furballs

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