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We watched Robin Hood on PPV last night. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it wasn't bad. One: Cate Blanchett [g]. Two: the cinematography was gorgeous. Three: it actually looked like 1199. Four: really strong cast, and after seeing him in a few movies, I'm becoming quite fond of Mark Strong. However, at the end, there was one hug gaping plot hole that was probably just bad editing: how the heck did King John ever find out that Robin wasn't Robert? Neither Nin or I can remember it ever being mentioned. One minute, they're driving off the French, and the next, Robin's being declared an outlaw. But overall, worth the two hours. Nice soundtrack too.

The new Loreena McKennit CD is great! This is more like her older stuff that she's done for years, so I'm really enjoying it. I'm particularly fond of The Star of the County Down and Brian Borus March, which sort of reminds me of a slower version of the dance music in the Firefly episode where Simon and River are kidnapped.

A friend got me Black Narcissus, the remastered Blu-ray version for Xmas, and I can't wait to watch it!
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