Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Tis the Season

I love Christmas music, and every year, I usually get one or two new albums to add to my collection. I've spent the last few hours listening to samples on Amazon, and discovered along the way that Loreena McKennit has a new album out! Woot! Currently listening to Annie Lennox's new Xmas album - it's definitely different.

In other news, have gotten a whole bunch of Xmas shopping done the last two days, both in brick and mortar stores and online. Bro's getting Mum a Kindle, so I've decided to get her a cover by Oberon Leather, and Nin will preload the Kindle with books so it's ready to use when she opens it.

Nin's manicurist put a coat of acrylic on my two cut nails yeasterday. She says she actually does a lot of first-aid type coatings. Now I don't have to worry about the nails ripping off till they grow past the nail bed, and it means I can stop wearing band-aids!

We aren't really decorating in the house this year, considering the number of kittens. While they'd love a tree and ornaments to play with, us, not so much. But we're making up for it outdoors. There are lights everywhere! It's very pretty. Even my backyard has lights this year.
Tags: now about me, xmas
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