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My Night

A friend took me out to dinner as a belated birthday present, and then she came in for a bit. We went to a place called "Hula's" Sort of Pacific Rim/CA/Polynesian thing. I had a Mongolian Beef bowl on sticky rice and black beans, and a blood orange martini, and a second drink called a Dr. Funk -- lots of rum and banana liqueur :)

I came home to find my fic research books had arrived! Yay!

Now, I'm drinking red wine and a glass of Pellagrino water, and uploading some of my latest fic to, and chatting on all_night_owl. What's really odd is looking to see that I'm listed as a fave authour by some on FF Net, and the majority are Grey's Anatomy fans. Odd because I see my Highlander/Grey's crossovers as more Highlander than anything -- they're basically Methos stories -- and yet they seem quite popular with GA fans. In fact, they've gotten more readers and generated more feedback that anything else I've ever written for the most part. I obviously have no writing judgment. :) It's like when you write something quick and off the top of your head and you get all sorts of feedback, but post something you've laboured and stressed over for months, and there's hardly a peep. [shrug] Heck if I know! Maybe I do need to write my back-burnered GA fic that's set during the season ender. But then I'd have to watch the episode again, and I'll start crying like a baby.

I need to open up the fic I wrote last night. Ooops.

Don't mind me, it's the rum. And the vodka. And the red wine.

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