Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Merlin Thoughts

Watched both parts last night - glad we hadn't had time to watch part one last week, more satisfying in one gulp :)

It's no secret the show really annoys me at times, but they made it up to me with this episode [g] I'll admit, I'm a sap, a big old Arthurian sap, and the bits with the knights and the Round Table, and the sword... I'll admit, those scenes made me very emotional. Other pluses: Morgana finally being revealed, Gauis using magic to save Merlin (and just generally rocking), Arthur and Gwen going public, as it were, Gwen being awesome, and lots and lots of really cute Knights of the Round Table (though I will confess that this kept running through my head:

I couldn't make it stop!)

Anyway, if this is a sign of things to come next year, then I'm on board. Now, if only Arthur knew about Merlin and magic....
Tags: merlin

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