Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Can I Cancel Last Week?

We had to have the car repaired a few weeks back, plus 100,000 mile tuneup. That was expected. But we were having problems with the car so took it again and we ended up having to get the catalytic converter repaired. Along comes the middle of the week, and my breathing isn't getting any better, so I give in and go to the doctor. 150 dollars later... well, at least my breathing has improved. But I had one more thing up my sleeve! I was cutting a baquette last night, and guess who managed to slice party way through her fingers? You win! I had the singular pleasure of trying to keep pressure on the fingers, keep, my hand above my heart, and try to keep my head between my knees so I wouldn't faint, and try not and throw up. Debated going to the emergency room, but it finally stopped bleeding as much. My middle finger, I cut through the center of my nail, and it looks like it's seeped through the bandage a bit over night, but not too much. Hurts like hell though.

So how was your week?
Tags: ranty mcrant
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