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How I love the group Cowboy Junkies. Constantly FicSpirational (I just made that up. Like it?). Listening to the CD 'Lay It Down' and it's fitting into my writing groove. Yes, I'm writing again [sigh] Let this be a lesson to me: never have a three year hiatus ever again! I'm still waiting for my research books to arrive for the '1843 fic' so I thought a nice little break was in order. But a conversation happened while I was filing today that seems to be a postscript to 'Takasago's Pines'. No, they never shut up!

So, here's the thing: I'm not sure how to label this one, once it's done. It may need something of a slash label Now, don't get excited! Nothing happens. I haven't turned into a pod person :) It's more of a reference. So if anyone would be willing to volunteer their advice, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and if anyone would be willing to beta read it? It isn't going to be long -- a few pages at most.

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