Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

This Is My House

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I feel like a zombie. We moved the last litter up to my room Friday, the ones PAWS said they had no room for, and I now have six 8 week old kittens, plus their half sisters from the first litter, Kallie and Dove, keeping me company. Problem is, Kallie hates their guts and she hasn't stopped growling for 48 hours. The new kitties have set my asthma off big time, and I finally figured out why - I think. They'd been using the clay litter where they were before, and I'm horribly allergic, and I mentioned yesterday they smell like the perfume in the stuff. I think I'm going to need to wipe them down. So I have been taking Benadryl since last night and decongestants, hence the zombieness of me.
Tags: furballs

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