Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


I started my morning by slicing a chunk of my finger off on the warehouse door, then I had to fire someone. Also, other growl inducing things happened to make for a really crappy day. Oh, and I had a coworker's car unintentionally towed to top it off.

Today, Nin went to PAWS, a local pet rescue organization to see if we could get help with the last litter of kittens - who are at 8 weeks now - to be told they have so many kittens, they're sending 50 to a Denver shelter this week. So no help there. It appears we have an unintentional cat rescue thing going here. Too bad we can't solicit donations.

I'm a real ray of sunshine this week.

And it's only Wednesday.
Tags: furballs, it's the job, ranty mcrant
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