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So we just finished up with the second season for HEX here on BBCA, and after the last one aired, they flashed up on the screen that S3 was coming in SUMMER 2007!! Wha!! Has S3 finished up in the UK? Or is it still airing? Need to see it before another year goes by [pout]

And speaking of HEX, what in the heck kind of school is it where the students run around unsupervised like that? At first, I was wondering if they were older than I'd initially thought. When I started watching, I thought they were in the 16-17 year old range, equivalent to our high school age here. But then with all the drinking and partying and just the general unsupervised climate, I though maybe it was some sort of junior college and the kids were actually over 18. Then Ella showed up and there was that whole bit with the solicitor transferring her guardianship to the school, so it confirmed they weren't adults.

So my question, and yes there's a question: is that a typical sort of boarding school? It's certainly incredibly different than the ones here. I'm just generally curious and also because of future fic :) In 'Shattered' I had Triona teaching at a girls' boarding school in the north of England, and the sequel will actually have scenes set there. So you understand my desire to know a little more!

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