Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Where Did the Month Go?

Middle of October? Yikes!

Up for today, lunch at conjured_1's! This will be our first ever RL meeting after meeting online back in Highlander fandom many years ago. Should be fun!

If you like Coldwater Creek, they're currently having a 60% off sale. And this is on new fall stuff, not old summer stuff. I was able to get a few new pieces of clothing for work this winter, including a really cute tweed steampunkish jacket, for $38.

Went to Ruby Tuesday after work last night with my minionettes and played trivia. We had a lot of fun, and Nin joined us after she got off work. It's very addicting!

Haven't written anything since that last part of Transformative Variations. I'm dead in the water, it would seem, with my muse off to places unknown.

Going to try and decorate the outside of the house for Halloween this weekend.
Tags: friends, random, virtual shopping
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