Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

What's New?

Can't believe it's nearly October! When did that happen?

We had a great visit with robi_travels in which we saw Ranger Vin Tanner at the North Rim, went to a terrific national monument called Pipe Spring (more on that later), had an amazingly good bison flank steak at the North Rim lodge, and scored a rim view cabin for the night. Everyone was seriously jealous of that. I have pics that I'll share over the weekend. We also introduced Berta to Mag 7 and Big Bang Theory while she was here.

The kitty snipping begins. Caffrey and Spike went to the vet yesterday, and not a moment too soon. I was concerned our kittens would have kittens. And the boys were starting to get very aggressive, so I'm glad that's taken care of.

I think I've figured out the block I had in the part of Transformative Variations I'm wrting. I had this flash that I could write the segment from Tony's POV, and bam! block gone. However, I realize I've never actually written form Tony's POV, so it's a little intimidating.

So much new TV! And I can't wait for Big Bang Theory tonight! But drat, I must wait for Nin to get home from work. Funny that a show I'd only seen one ep of in the spring is now a firm 'must see TV'.

Work is well, work. And I can not express how much I loath prevailing wage jobs. They are a blight on my existence.

I suppose I should get myself some dinner, considering the time.
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