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Random List Is Random

What do I have on order? The most recent season of Big Bang Theory. Can't wait to see it! ninjababe and I mainlined the first few seasons this summer. I find it very annoying that they don't release DVDs at least a month or so prior to the next season starting, but that's how it is. Also have IM II on order. Squee! Yeah, it wasn't as good as the first one, but we still really enjoyed it.

We now have HDTV! And it's actually niftier than I'd anticipated. It's so pretty! The downside is that we lost all the shows we had yet to watch when the DVR was switched out. So I may have to but the most recent season of House since we were like 8 eps behind.

No one wants to talk to me. Or my email and/or LJ is broken. No comments or replies at all, and something like 4 emails total today.

It has been very nifty seeing a few of my stories come up in the 30 Day meme going around. It always surprises me. I'm not a trendy writer, I don't write what the majority reads, in fact, I hit all the things they say you shouldn't ever do if you want people to read you - I follow my own strange piper [g] And yet, I have readers, and as an added bonus, readers who make me a part of their 30 Days. Isn't that kewl?

Sort of weird stuff at work. Not bad weird, just head scratching go figure weird.

I walked to the park today again at lunch and read an actual book (I'm really beginning to think I want a Kindle)! We're still under the 100 mark, so I took advantage. Then two pit-bull mixes ran at me, and then proceeded to give me a slobber bath, much to the horror of their owner, who was certian I was going to freak.

There was something else, but I forgot!
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