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Sequels - I has em. I've started writing and posting the sequel to Practical Applications. Now, PA was probably one of the most popular things I've ever written, and while I know Iron Man isn't the bright shiny new fandom it was when I wrote the first one, I hope you'll still enjoy the sequel. You can find the first part here. Yes, yes, I am unashamedly pimping out my own fic [g] Stories need readers or they end up on the fic version of the Island of Misfit Toys, don't you know.

Anyone purchase any of the BlueRay versions of Highlander yet? I'm curious, since the quality of the original DVDs was so bad, if the BlueRay is any improvement other than marginal. Not planning on buying them, I don't even have a BlueRay player, but I have been wondering.

And that leads to.... cat litter! I have a litter box in my en suite bathroom for the cats that mostly live in my room, and the ones who visit. And now there's more of them, I've been trying different litters. I really liked the appeal of clumping litter, but it's so dangerous to kitties I won't use it. But I have been trying the different chemical free clumping litters with a variety of success. So far, the winner is Worlds Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat. And it works really well in the litter box I got that's for clumping litter - I was skeptical about the box initially, but wow!! It really works.
Tags: furballs, highlander, random fic stuff

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