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So Much for Instant Gratification

Ever since I finished writing 'Cock-Eyed Optimist' yesterday, I've had the urge to listen to the 'South Pacific' soundtrack. Of course, the CD I used to listen to is in Utah with my mum since it is actually hers :) So, I thought, iTtunes! I did a search, and they don't have either the original movie soundtrack, or the Kiri Te Kanawa/Jose Carreras one. Mostly they have elevator music versions and one with Alec Baldwin?!?! Errr, okay. Oh well.

So I'm music searching, and I start thinking about a South Pacific/Highlander crossover. Yes, I have an illness [g] Though it wouldn't be a musical. The thought of Methos, Duncan, etc. bursting into song every ten minutes is a little freaky in my mind. [like crossing South Pacific and Highlander isn't freaky???] (hush!) So what other Rodgers & Hammerstein musical could be crossed with Highlander? There's 'Oklahoma!', of course. I can just see Duncan singing "I'm Just a Girl Boy That Can't Say No".

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