Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Early Morning

It's one of my early mornings, so I'm here at 7:15 and it's nice today because no one else is here early. Nice and peaceful for a short while. I've finished the next part of Transformative Variations, just needs some tweaking, so hope to post it by the end of the week. Hard to believe we're more than halfway through August! I may have a new computer soon: my brother's been building me a new one, and I thought I was getting it around Xmas, but he says it's virtually done. It's cool and argh all at once. I hate setting up a new computer! But, new computer!!

Oh, and I can't get to LJ from work, so if you want to comment, and perhaps get a response today at some point, then comment at the Dreamwidth post. Otherwise, I'll talk to you tonight.

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Tags: random

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