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Previous Fives and answers here.

tygermama asked for Top Five Methos Moments, Top Five Smelly Cheeses.

Yeah, everyone is all industrious posting clips and pics, but I'm basically lazy [g] There's so many, but there were the first that popped into my head.

No explanation necessary!

Yeah, it's a blooper, but I love it!

What I call the Methos addiction scene.

This is a two'fer, and a little long, but it has two of my faves: Methos leading Joe on and the 'Just because I don't like to fight doesn't mean I don't know how' part.

And if an episode counts as a fave Methos scene, all of Till Death, though I'll leave you with a clip!

Will get to cheeses and other fives in another post. I'm tired now!
Tags: highlander, methos, sheep post

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