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Friday Night Never Ending

It's darn quiet tonight. No email, no new posts, no nothing. And it's not even 9pm yet!

otterevil sent me back 'Takasago's Pines' all nicely betaed, and ninjababe had finished with it a few days ago (it's nice having a live in friend who you can whine and pout to to get them to beta a fic for you!), so I could get it into posting shape. But since I just posted fic today, I don't want to overdose everyone with my scribblings, so figure I should wait a bit. I did start working on tweaking some of my oldest fic, the ten year old stuff, to remove some of the more glaring continuity errors. I've done that to a few of of my stories, but the majority languish in their multiple inaccuracies and make me cringe when I reread them! And I need to update my archive. so I could do that to. Or I could make new icons. Or drink more.

And if you want to help me avoid any or all of the above, I'm available in multiple flavours of chat :) Just let me know!

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