Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


Cicadas are loud, and they sound like a powerpole transformer buzzing, which is annoying. Did some research, and apparently the variety that's in Utah are some of the loudest.

I think we're nativised now. Instead of going to WalMart after work, to avoid the heat, we actually got up earlier and went before work. Keep your fingers crossed, it's supposed to drop under 100 later this week.

Hasn't White Collar been awesome!?!?! I just adore it. Though there needs to be more Elizabeth. I thought I'd heard the actress was pregnant, so maybe that's why she hasn't been around as much as last season. We have the S1 DVDs, just haven't had time to watch them.

I feel like writing, but just not sure what. Something new? WIP? Feel free to place your requests :)
Tags: random, rural life
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