Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Music Does It

Funny how music can really remind of you of certian times in your life. iTunes came on with 'How Deep Is Your Love' by the Bee Gees, and it immediately reminded me of summer when I was a teenager. Odd, since I had ever seen Saturday Night Live Fever (still haven't, didn't own any Bee Gees albums at all at that point, but I guess the soundtrack from the movie was so pervasive, it stamped itself on my subconscious. What else reminds me of those not so great years? Star Wars, always and forever, and musically, the Mecco version of the theme. I used to always play it on the jukebox at the pizza place in Victoria. 'You Light Up My Life', 'Mull of Kintyre', 'Blue Bayou' and 'Don't It Make My Brown eyes Blue'. And 'Voulez Vous' by ABBA is always connected to Darkover in my memories.

What music takes you down memory lane?
Tags: music box

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