Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Dish Network Sucks

Here I rant!

I've been a good customer to Dish Network for years. So now I have the HD TV, and I want to upgrade. I call and am told I'll have to pay $100!!!!!!! to upgrade my DVR! No thanks, dudes. I send an email to customer service to tell them how screwed up that is. The response I get whines about how they can't afford to give away HD DVRs for free. Except they do exactly that for NEW customers. From their website:

* Our Best Offers- sign up today!
•HD FREE for life
•$15 off per month
•Free upgrade to HD DVR
•3 months free HBO and Showtime
•3 HD receivers for free

So old customers are subsidizing the freebies for the new ones. And even though I have to pay for the new DVR and the HD programming, I still have to sign a new two year contract! It's lose lose lose no matter which way you look at it. Remember when the cell phone companies used to pull this crap? Am seriously considering switching to Direct TV at this point because I am steamed! I replied to their reply, for all the good it will do, pointing out their new customer offer. What a freaking scam!

Later: Too funny! I ranted on Twitter, and guess what? Dish Network is on Twitter and replied. They're singing the same song as the email reply I got, but it was still an interesting occurrence.
Tags: ranty mcrant
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