Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

At Least It's Fixed Now

Woke up this morning and realized the A/C had died. Now, at least it was only a high of 100 today, whereas last week we were topping out at 106, and that we have a maintenance agreement on the unit. They got it fixed around 4pm, so I was very glad to come back to a cool house! We've actually had a very temperate summer. Normally we start averaging 100+ in May, but this year, we didn't start seeing 'normal' temps till mid June. It's my office that's the killer. It faces the sun a good portion of the day, and the cinderblock wall heats up - it's like sitting next to a fireplace all day. I think the hardest thing to get used to in this climate is pretty much no outdoor time unless it early in the AM, or after dark. It looks so darned pretty outside, and I'm used to foggy summers, that you just want to go outside. Ah well, will make me enjoy autumn all the more!

Baby bird is still going strong. His eyes are open now, and he's spouting feathers.

Miss being caught up on LJ. With the heat, I can't walk to Wifi place for lunch, so no lovely midday internet break. So I try and do fly bys in the evenings, but I don't always have time.
Tags: critters, random, rural life

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