Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Radio Silence

Haven't posted in a while and have totally lost track of things I wanted to post about!

Let's see - we need to treat all the kittens, the mamas, and our preexisting cats for Giardia. Yay! Ten days of meds once a day for a LOT of cats. The two kittens the vet's assistant took were how we found out some have it, but if some have it, everyone gets the medicine. We figure the source was mama 1, Sage, who always had intestinal problems, but the vet had said it was due to her pregnancy. Turns out not so much. What else? My mum and brother got me my bday gift early - a 42'' Plasma TV! What a step up from the 27" used motel TV I had been using! It's so pretty. Last night, we started watching the Big Bang Theory DVDs we'd bought recently. Fun show! We plan to test it out more fully this weekend with a selection of fave movies, but it's so hard to choose where to start!! Other things... I'm strangely addicted t Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro', it's been very hot the last ten days, Fourth of July celebrations here in town will be held Monday, and Sat. in St. George, still really hoping we can go away over my birthday, and the first ep of this season's MIOBI was much fun! Looks like Tony has lost some weight, because he was looking very toned and stuff [g] Oh, yeah, so glad we preordeed White Collar! I cannot believe how much the price has gone up! More than $10.Nin works tonight, so maybe I can get some writing doen. Well, after assembly line kitteh meds are done!
Tags: furballs, random

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