Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

[jumps around squeeing]

I totally stole this from boji: I am so in love with Moffat's series of Doctor Who I want to marry it and have TARDIS-babies. Yes, that!

One of the best season enders EVER! Rory-bot waiting 2000 years for Amy, River and the Dalek (I frickin love River), Amy getting her family back, the Doctor's 'death' scene, as he talked to sleeping little Pond - just perfect. The wedding! How wonderful was that? Doctor in a tux and dancing like a loon! And with all the little kids. Matt Smith does an amazing job of acting ancient. I'd been really concerned when the cast someone so young, but he totally nails it. And married couple on the TARDIS. How I love the idea! I think this crew might actually rank up there with my favourite group of Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough from the good old days. I can't wait for the Xmas special.
Tags: doctor who

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