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I had a really horrible week at work, and coupled with the grating irritation of having to deal with my father at home, plus just feeling generally like I suck at life, we decided to eat out last night after I got my hair cut. We probably shouldn't have gone out, but some days, you just need a break. After dinner, we still had some time to kill before our 9:10 movie, so we went to our 'mallette' and looked around. Nin got me an Iron Man keychain and a couple of cute buttons at Hot Topic - one says I'm not antisocial, I just hate you - and we looked around Dillard's, where I showed extreme restraint and didn't buy the burnt orange purse by Fossil that was 50% off. I really wanted it. Still do. Then we wandered around Borders, and we didn't buy anything! Go us! So I managed to be out of the house 17 hours! It made me feel like I'd had a break. And my haircut reflects my mood - I went really short again. I have mood hair. So today is back to reality. Need to clean, do bills, figure out what to make for dinner, all that fun stuff. I have this feeling that if I could find some sort of outlet, gee, like writing, I'd feel less, I don't know, trapped? Stuck? Useless? Meh. I have no idea. Other than running off to the South Pacific and living in a tree. Or a boat. Maybe a boat.
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