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The internet was out when I got up yesterday morning, and it was too hot to walk to my lunch/wifi spot, and when I got home, it was still out, and was when I went to bed. So much LJ catching up to do.

Summer has arrived - it's supposed to 105 tomorrow.

Mr. Bengal Kittie is gone :( Haven't seen him in two weeks. I miss him, miss him waiting for me when I get home, sitting at my door and talking to me through the screen. Even knowing this was probably going to be the eventual outcome didn't help when it happened.

Having trouble finding homes for any more of the kittens. And the longer we keep them, the more attached we get.

The A/C in our truck is broken, and it needs a special part, which hasn't arrived yet. Coming home from work isn't a whole lot of fun currently!

We're trying to catch up on TV - finally got up to 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid' on SPN last night. Still haven't seen any V eps since it came back on, and at this point, might just give up on ever watching them. Esp. now as the summer shows are starting up, or will be soon: Burn Notice, White Collar, Leverage, Next Food Network Star, Design Star, Make It Or Break It, Psych.

I managed to write 400 new words to Transformative Variations last week, in addition to the snippet I posted. Would be nice to write some more this weekend, but we'll see.
Tags: furballs, random, tv stuff
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