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I posted a fic snippet from Iron Man II last night, and yet, my brain keeps running with lots and lots of dialogue - they won't shut up! If I actually wrote all this down, the story would be way too long. Oh, and one thing I don't think I mentioned is just how much love I currently have for Nick Fury. I'm not sure of the whys and the wherefores, but I find him absolutely fascinating, and love the character, even though he probably symbolizes what I most worry about as far as the Iron Man aspect of the universe they're creating. I love Iron Man because Tony is a superhero due to technology, his own brainpower and intelligence. I really dislike the idea of IM becoming infected with things along the lines of mutant spider bites and magical hammers. Remember, Nin drags me to every comic book movie that comes out, and while I enjoyed them well enough, they weren't anything I had any interest in after I walked out of the theater. Iron Man was the 'it' movie for me, and I don't want Tony to have to play with all those other guys [pouts]. And yet, there's Nick Fury, chatting up a storm in my brain. Go figure. I'm hoping we get an IM III before the Avengers movie, so I at least have one more installment of just Tony before he has to join the super secret boy band.

I think one of the best things about the movie was actually letting Tony be an asshat. So not the usual formula. Part of what I love about the character is that he's not a perfect white hat superhero. Because, yeah, I can see why the government would be worried about tabloid Tony having that sort of firepower. Also, it really shines through how much Tony needs to be loved and adored. He eats up the adulation of the public and can't get enough. His speeches at the Expo and at the Senate hearing knock it out of the park. Another kind of addiction. I'm torn during the movie between wanting to smack him upside the head and wanting to hug him.

My silly peeve is that I hate the new triangle version of the arc reactor. It does not please me [sniff] Speaking of the triangle, the silliest thing ever was Tony building a collider in his basement. Though, in the novel, they throw all sorts of techno jargon at that scene to try name make is seem plausible. On the other hand, Tony built the first suit in a cave... in Afghanistan... with a box of scraps! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Love Tony and Rhodey's friendship in this. I was kinda worried from some of the early snippets from the film that they were going to end up enemies.

What was with the whole theme of Tony not liking things handed to him? The only thing I can come up with was because he was germaphobic due to the palladium poisoning.

Pepper, so much about Pepper, but that will have to be another post.

Where did all that come from?!? I rarely do thinky review posts.
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