Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Cleaning is Futile

Jen and Dave arrive tomorrow, and I've been cleaning, but with the kittens in the room with me, it's futile. I've vacuumed twice today! Well, Nin did it once and I did it once. Cleaned the living room windows and washed the curtains, Glenn got the rest of the carpet up in the living room, and he's now trying to install the door on the stairs so we can put all the piddly kitties down there. Hopefully all will be presentable tomorrow.

We pick them up tomorrow around 5pm, then we'll get them checked in to their B&B, then on to dinner. Sat., we're going to Bryce, and Sun. is a free for all - who knows where we'll end up? They'll then spend the work week sightseeing between here and Boulder. I'm very envious that they get to eat at Hell's Backbone Grill. Then next weekend, we'll all go to Vegas before they fly home.

Found a home for one kitten - she left yesterday. A coworker of mine took her. Was very weepy giving her away. Other kittens continue to terrorize the grownup kittehs of the household.

Oh well, I suppose I should clean the toidy before I crash for the night.
Tags: friends, furballs

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