Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Kid Fic

So a question for some of the M7 fans on my f'list. I keep meaning to ask, but always forget! In regards to what I always think of as 'Little Britches' fic, fic where some of the guys are adults and are the parents/guardians of some of the others, who are children. It's a phenomena I hadn't come across before in any of my other fandoms, but it seems incredibly popular in this fandom. I'll admit, it's one of those things that sorta baffles me, and it's not a genre I read, but I'm terribly curious [g] So, for those of you who are fans of such stories, what do you like about them, what attracts you to the genre, and do you read similar fic in any other fandoms, or is M7 unique? And if anyone knows how such stories all started, that would be interesting to know as well. So come, assuage my curiosity!
Tags: mag7

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